Developing first-in-class cardiovascular biopharmaceuticals that target natural repair pathways.


Our lead product candidate, JVS-100 is a non-viral gene therapy that expresses stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1), a naturally occurring signaling protein that activates the body’s own tissue repair pathways. Multiple independent laboratories have demonstrated in peer-reviewed publications that extending or reestablishing SDF-1 expression, localized to a site of acute or chronic tissue damage, induces multiple changes that preserve or recover organ function.

JVS-100 is a DNA plasmid designed to be delivered directly to the site of injured tissue. Importantly, JVS- is non-immunogenic which provides for a strong safety profile and the ability to allow for repeat administrations. JVS-100 has been the subject of several clinical studies and has been administered to more than 180 patients with no significant side effects. JVS-100 benefits from highly scalable manufacturing, a modest cost of goods, and a long shelf life of over two years. Juventas has focused on developing JVS-100 for the treatment of advanced chronic heart failure and late-stage peripheral artery disease (PAD), with platform potential in a number of additional indications.