Developing first-in-class cardiovascular biopharmaceuticals that target natural repair pathways.

The SDF-1:CXCR4 Axis

Stromal cell-Derived Factor-1, or SDF-1, is a naturally occurring signaling protein that has been shown to recruit the body’s own stem cells and promote tissue repair in a broad range of disease states. Our therapeutic approach is based on research originating at the Cleveland Clinic.

SDF-1, through binding to its receptor protein, C-X-C chemokine Receptor type 4, or CXCR4, activates the body’s own tissue repair pathways. These pathways are present in all organ systems throughout the body and are an essential component of fetal development. Additionally, the SDF-1:CXCR4 binding process induces multiple changes to injured tissue that have been shown to preserve or recover organ function.

SDF-1 protein signaling naturally lasts for less than a week immediately following an acute injury. The short-lived nature of this signal, coupled with its occurrence in an otherwise highly inflammatory post-injury environment, reduces SDF-1’s effectiveness to stimulate clinically meaningful tissue repair. Multiple independent laboratories have demonstrated in peer-reviewed publications that extending or reestablishing SDF-1 expression, localized to a site of acute or chronic tissue damage, induces multiple changes that preserve or recover organ function.