Developing first-in-class cardiovascular biopharmaceuticals that target natural repair pathways.

Additional Indications of Interest

Based on the broad applicability of SDF-1 to promote tissue repair, we believe there are opportunities to expand the therapeutic focus of JVS-100 to additional indications. For potential future indications, we have the opportunity to leverage a strong drug safety profile, an established manufacturing process and strong intellectual property protection.

We have shown that the well-defined biology associated with SDF-1 protein expression supports the therapeutic potential for JVS-100 in the treatment of cardiac disease, including refractory angina and heart attack as well as indications outside the cardiac field, ischemic kidney disease and incontinence. We have conducted preclinical experiments validating use of JVS-100 in cardiac disease, incontinence and muscle regeneration. Literature supports further exploration in stoke and ischemic kidney disease.